Sexy Tattoos For Women

 Sexy Tattoos For WomenThe Butterfly: Grace, Beauty, Historical Symbolism

Without question, one of the most popular and sexy tattoo design choices for women is the colorful butterfly. And the symbolic butterfly continues to gain in popularity revealing a dominate feminine influence throughout tattoo culture.

There is a worldwide agreement, generally speaking, that colorful butterflies represent the feminine mysteries of life. Because of the butterfly's relatively short life span, many ancient cultures saw it as symbolizing the impermanence of mankind and his time on earth.

Some cultures attribute the butterflies flitting from flower to flower as representing the human soul, constantly seeking satisfaction of body, mind, and spirit.

 Sexy Tattoos For WomenGreek Mythology And The Goddess Psyche

In Greek mythology, the beautiful Psyche was the personification of the soul and the Goddess of Beauty. Psyche, in all her beauty, was represented in art, paintings, and sculpture with butterfly wings. She was said to have a free airborne soul, and represented in art with beautiful butterfly wings.

A romantic and lovely feeling among both ancient and present day Greeks is the belief that a human soul comes to life every time a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Yes, the colorful butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation, re-birth, and flight.

 Sexy Tattoos For Women Sexy Tattoos For Women

A Belief That Butterflies Carry The Souls Of The Living And The Dead

Even today, many native cultures believe that butterflies carry souls from heaven to earth. Butterflies, in many cultures, are still believed to be the souls of the departed.

In some south American cultures, there are butterfly goddesses still regarded as symbols of beauty, love, and the spirits of the dead and departed.

Some of the Butterfly deities in ancient Mexico were looked upon as goddesses of war, human sacrifice, and symbols of feminine mother earth.

Not Just For The Ladies Though

It must be pointed out that the butterfly isn't the sole domain of the feminine. The Roman Emperor, Augustus, chose it as his personal symbol. Some male warrior priests of Mexico and south America wore the butterfly symbol on their armour plates.

In Japan, the Butterfly, has become a popular symbol for young women and girls, representing the change from young girl to mature woman.

In China, it continues to be a cultural symbol of marital bliss and harmony.

The butterfly tattoo design truly represents magical transformation and feminine change. A beautiful sexy tattoo design of a lovely butterfly can be a mystical and magical symbol for women.

Favorite spots for the butterfly design are the shoulders and lower back. The most popular spot on a woman's body for the butterfly is the lower back. It seems a tattoo on a woman's lower back tends to hypnotize male observers. The butterfly: a tattoo design with powerful mojo.

Hot and Sexy Tattoos For Women

Did you ever try to find that perfect tattoo online but simply could not afford the cost when you found one or did not have the hours to search. What is worse is that you finally find a tattoo but then regret your decision later.

So if you are a woman and you are looking for a hot tattoo listen up! We have decided on the top 3 tattoos and later we will let you know where you can find these online.

The following are the top 3 tattoos that men and woman find to be the hottest out there.

1.) Tribal Sexy Tattoo: Yes, most woman think this if for men but the new trend is ladies have this tattoo on their arm or lower back. Nothing screams hotness like a tattoo that lets us men know you have a little edge to you.

Tribal Sexy Tattoo

2.) Script Sexy Tattoos: Same thing here. I am sick of seeing women with the same old rose or moon and star tattoos. Changing things up a bit with some script is H.O.T. Make sure you know what it means before you get though. There is nothing worse than not knowing what something inked in your arm means. Now don’t get me wrong, the rose tattoo or moon and stars is still hot but if you get one like that, make sure to add some originality to it.

Script Sexy Tattoos

3.) Sayings or prophecies: I like when a women has a saying on her back, arm, neck, wherever. Something that has some value though. The word “respect” just above your vagina is pretty cool but when you flash that to everyone, do you really have respect for yourself? I like words that have meaning to you. I also like the prophecy tattoo… you know the divine meaning of something you heard or want to get out there as a message. If you do these in color and in some fancy script lettering you are sure to drive any man wild!

So now you know what the top sexy and hot tattoos are but where do you find them? I found a cool site that has the top three tattoo sites listed and ranked on various sections.

Sexy tribal tattoo design

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